EVerything starts from your home

We are now all living in a world far different than our previous generations and in direct proportion our children and children’s children will face a tougher future if we don’t act and act now.

Renewable Energy and in particular the use of Electric Vehicles within Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire is an area where we can personally contribute to the recharging of our planet and allow not only us but our next generations to benefits from our decisions so we all see the benefit. There is little doubt to where the direction of fuel is headed and to not be a part of this piece of history will cost you financially as the manufacturers convert their product to EV status common fuel will become a draconian method which will come with a significant cost to those not following the Electric route.

Take the stress out of owning a vehicle and imagining never having to consider the following again:

  • Taxing your EV Vehicle in Scotland
  • Queuing at petrol stations in Scotland
  • Diverting from your destination to fill back up to  enjoy Scotland

With a bespoke and professional system from One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire we can give you this piece of mind and freedom of whole of the market choice of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations at a timeline to suit you, our valued customer. We will work to your exact specifications to allow your home the EV Charging system it deserves so you can wake up each morning knowing your EV vehicle is something that is not going to let you down today

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