Fulfilling the needs of your community Your business is your livelihood, simple. Without it the community you serve, the people you employ, the trust given to you will all be in vain if the business cannot produce. In today complex market we are no longer fearing the next competitor as like all business you have […]


EV Charging Station Maintenance (Post Installation) Like everything we own, nothing last without a little T.L.C. Here at One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire we recognise that you the customer purchased our Electrical Vehicle Charging system with a pre determined expectation of effectiveness and we hope this has been already a […]


EVerything starts from your home We are now all living in a world far different than our previous generations and in direct proportion our children and children’s children will face a tougher future if we don’t act and act now. Renewable Energy and in particular the use of Electric Vehicles within Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, […]

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