We produce & install modern electric vehicle charging systems throught Scotland

One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire would like to welcome you and to personally thank you for taking the 1st step towards possibly one of the most relevant decisions you will make in your lifetime where you are not only deciding for your personal need but also that of the planet and tomorrows generation. One Electrical, the leading EV Charging Installation company, covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire hold 35 years experience within the industry partnered with 15 years Logistics and Aviation experience encompassing road and air logistics & 30 years experience from the telecommunication sector, a combination to ensure all business and personal objective can be fulfilled to you the customer where we have significant experience and a vast portfolio commanding:

  • Home Services
  • Business Services
  • Office/ Retail Fittings
  • Sporting Events
  • Lesuire Activities/Events
  • Company Fleet Projects
  • Commercial Properties
  • Warehousing/ Logistical projects
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One electric car charging

We provide a personal and bespoke comprehensive EV charging installation service to ensure you and your EV vehicle are constantly ahead of the ever changing curve. Within the safety of your home and or business One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire will deliver an exceptional service and professional work ethos to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Understanding your needs allows us to tailor the correct package for you and your vehicle.

By Trusting One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire you get the below piece of mind:

  • 3 year warranty on all OLEV installations
  • Fast track EV Charging installs available within 5 working days after EST approval
  • We provide, insall and maintain the largest range of fast Electrical Vehicle chargers
  • We have a vast knowledge of electric vehicles and charging installation options
  • Scottish Company based in Bathgate (Edinburgh) with a 12 years global project experience.

*£350 OLEV grant and £300 cash-back from Energy Saving Trust Scotland **Once ownership or vehicle order form and EST form is received, may take longer if site survey is required

We respectfully hold the OLEV approved accreditation for Electric Vehicle charging installers which allows us to work for you and get you the perfect package with the Scottish Government Grant Funding Project. This benefit gives you access to a financial grant of £350 to assist in the cost of your One Electrical professional installation. In addition to this benefit with One Electrical covering Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire we offer the added advantage of being an approved EV installer for the Energy Savings Trust in Scotland which equates for you the customer receiving an additional £300 cashback option.

Whether you are driving your EV in personal or business fleet conditions let One Electrical open the options for you and allow the complete EV charging product range the industry has to offer to be presented for your perusal. We want you to get exactly the EV Charging station you want not what some companies only have to offer, we work for you.

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