Earthing the planet for a sustainable future with One Electrical EV Charging Installation in  Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire.

Scotland's Leading

EV Charging Installer

We provide a personal and bespoke comprehensive Electric Vehicle EV charging installation service in Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire to ensure you and your electric vehicle are constantly ahead of the ever changing curve. Within the safety of your home and or business One Electrical Scotland will deliver an exceptional EV installation service and professional work ethos to ensure absolute customer satisfaction within Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire.

We are the leading installer of modern electric vehicle charging systems in Scotland encompassing Bathgate, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire

Whether we like it our not even in such sensitive times we find ourselves in we all still have a job to do and should that be at a local/ national or global level your business needs to ensure its ready in all respect to meet these market demands.

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Now you have your system installed let One Electrical ensure that no issues occur to hamper your experience throughout your ownership as we will work tirelessly for you to make sure your system receives the best of aftercare the market has to offer.

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EV Charging at home

Whether the week ahead is calm or looks hectic one thing can be taken for granted. With the ease of having your home equipped with the facility to charge your Electric Vehicle you're already taken the first steps toward securing a sustainable future

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  • 2018


    59700 EV cars sold per year 163 EV cars sold per day
  • 2019


    72700 EV cars sold per year 199 EV cars sold per day
  • 2020


    108205 EV cars sold per year 296 EV cars sold per day

What advantages will you get using an electric car with an affordable EV charging station installed by One Electrical?

  • 01

    Running Costs

    Because you’re not paying for petrol or diesel to keep your car running, you can save a lot of money on fuel, with the additional bonus of the electricity going into your EV being 100% renewable. 
  • 02

    Low Maintenance

    Compared to a standard combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Electric engines have less than 20 which means there is significantly less to potentially fail.  Petrol and diesel engines can require expensive engine maintenance over their lifetimes – electric vehicles don’t. This means that your EV is likely to have lower long-term maintenance costs than other vehicles.
  • 03


    The performance levels of EVs has rocketed since its initial product launch.   Electric cars are lighter, and – as all of their power is generated from a standing start – their acceleration capability can surprise. Of course speed is not the primary aspect to owning such a vehicle where if due to lack of engine space Electric vehicles boast spacious models with a quieter and smoother ride than its petrol counterpart.
  • 04


    There is no doubt Electric Vehicles are the future and the future is looking good. The EV market now is producing some of the sleekest designs seen in automotive history. This is supported by an ever expanding infrastructure control platform to ensure owners are the new drivers of tomorrow.

£186 million

Daily saving money on fuel

1300 electric cars

Sold every day in the world

Financial Benefits to using an Electric Vehicles

EV vehicles run on closed circuit logic therefore no gasses associated with “Global Warming” are emitted. Every time you drive your vehicle your shrinking the global carbon footprint.

Our mission:

Allowing the planet to recharge itself to create a cleaner world for tomorrows generation

Renewable Energy and the use of Electric Vehicles

As the world changes into a more sustainable platform we all must play our part in the assistance of this recovery. As technology advances we are in a fortunate position where the decisions we make today will have a positive and direct impact for tomorrows generation. The inclusion of Electric Vehicles into our lives is an area which is paramount to the sustainability of our planet where major automotive manufacturers and signalling that they will soon be swapping over to full electric branding before the 2030 world target. This is not only impressive but show the level of commitment the world is placing on such a sensitive area. To be part of a world where we no longer have concerns about emissions, to walk around a city without having to wear a mask, to breath the clean fresh air which we have all taken for granted for too long will be a most welcome change to our new world not only for us but for the next generations.

Fiona from Glasgow

Was so happy having my EV charging pod fitted by the One Electrical Team. The process was much easier than I could have ever possibly imagined as if felt like no time at all from arriving to showing me the finished product. Amazing service from a professional team, would and have recommended to my friends.

Donald from Edinburgh

One Electrical conducted a maintenance cycle on my existing station and after constant use it required only a few basic tweaks to give me another successful year. The Team are extremely efficient where I will be looking to add a second system when we purchase our additional vehicle. Thank again guys for keeping me connected.

Greg from Paisley
Aero Engineer

Having decided on moving to an electric vehicle I was nervous about the how and where I would be able to charge it. The One Electrical Team took away all the pressures and delivered me a charging system which I can honestly say is a fantastic addition to our property. The ease in which we were taken through the options and selected our system to the final outcome is a true testament to how professional the One Electrical team are within this field. I cannot believe how easy and how much I'm saving. A massive thank you to the team, you made it so easy.

Martin from Glasgow
Graphic Designer

From process start to end product the team at One Electrical walked me through the entire journey allowing be to design and select the best charging station to suit my needs. The level of knowledge and understanding this team has is impressive where there level of professionalism is 1st class as you would have never known they were actually there fitting my system. Once completed the time taken to familiarise me with my system was done at a pace where I could fully understand. Great company and my pleasure to recommend to family and friends.

Paul from Ayr
IT Engineer

Great service provide by the One Electrical Team who turned as per schedule and fitted our EV system without any issues or disruption to the day. The guys were excellent and even managed to cater for a last minute design change to blend the system into the surroundings.

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